About BuddhiWear

BuddhiWear produces and sells postively themed organic apparel. Our company took its name from the word "buddhi", meaning "she who is conscious, AWAKE". Our company is focused on buying local, supporting small businesses, and being green. BuddhiWear’s mission is to promote positive empowerment through yoga and other practices. BuddhiWear is committed to providing high-quality apparel for the family with a flair for yoga and all things positive.

  • We purchase from sweatshop-free manufacturers.
  • We use only environmentally friendly dyes. Our company is eco and green friendly.
  • We support small businesses and the environment.
  • Most items we sell are manufactured exclusively in the United States.

BuddhiWear is a socially conscious business that recognizes its responsibility to and dependence on the Earth. BuddhiWear plants a tree for every garment sold.  BuddhiWear also uses Dharma Merchant services to process credit card transactions and a percentage from those transactions are also donated to charity.

Why Choose Organic?