The Frederick News-Post - March 16, 2008

Organic wear with a hip yoga flair

COLUMBIA -- Kelly Neylan's line of clothing has a dual purpose.

First, it's wearable. The garments are made of soft organic cotton and the messages printed on them are positive and yoga-themed. They're comfortable for yoga or for casual wear anytime.

But more than that, the apparel provides a medium for messages she wants the world to become more aware of -- organic cotton clothing is good for you and the planet; and yoga is good for the health of your body and mind.


Gloucestershire Citizen - March 4, 2008


A Gloucester yoga enthusiast has been making headlines across the globe.Hannah Hart, from Elmbridge, has designed slogans to go on yoga T-shirts, which have been picked out for praise by the LA Times.

Hannah started doing yoga five years ago and was asked by a friend in America, who runs a yoga-wear business, to come up with slogans for the tops she was designing.


Interview on Harmonious Environment Blog

Organic clothing for men, women and children

Norma: Tell me about BuddhiWear Organic apparel.

Kelly: BuddhiWear organic apparel with a flare for yoga, pilates, reiki, the environment and all things positive. We specialize in soft organic apparel. Our garments are different because they are made by yogis and yoginis for yogis and yoginis. We let you customize your garment by choosing the design, the style, and the color, the options are endless. We offer garments for women, men, children, & babies. BuddhiWear makes being green fashionable and fun. Our garments are printed with a high-end direct garment printing method that allows the ink to soak right into the clothing, which means the design is as soft as the garment and it doesn't make you sweat when you are doing yoga. Eco-chic, comfortable, and practical what more could you ask for?

Maryland Family Magazine - February, 2008

Minding My Own Business

After she broke her ankle last year, Kelly Neylan, a yoga instructor and mother of two, spent a lot of time reading organic clothing and yoga magazines. She was intrigued by the idea of clothing made from pesticide-free cotton, but found most products to be expensive -- about $60 for a T-shirt -- and unattractive. Unwilling to pay those prices, or wear something she didn't like, she designed her own collection of organic wear for children and adults.

BabyLuxe - January 28, 2008

Little Bodies Big Souls

Ok, so I am not a yogi myself, or a yogini for that matter. I don't even know which I would be, if I was one... Are you still with me here? Anyway, I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to some super cute yoga wear, that is made by yogi's and yogini's, FOR yogi's and yogini's! I recently received the softest, most adorable "Yoga Baby" onesie in the mail, from a fabulously wholesome & environmentally conscious little company, BuddhiWear Organics.

Amaze Magazine - January, 2008

Buddhiwear, Organic Apparel for the Whole Family, 1/01/2008

BuddhiWear, a Columbia-based apparel company, launched its second line of innovative organic positive inspired apparel for women, men, and children. This new garment line includes t-shirts, thermal shirts, & long sleeve t-shirts, for women, men and children as well as an infant line featuring bibs, hats, onesies, tank tops, thermal tops, and t-shirts.

The new lines include expansion into men's, unisex, and youth sized garments. Twelve new designs are included in the line. BuddhiWear offers babies sizes 3/6 months through toddler size 6, the youth line size 8 through 12, women's line small through xx-large, unisex line medium through x-large, men's line medium through x-large.

Los Angeles Times - January 7, 2008


L.A. is the land of the convertible, but not only in terms of cars and mortgages. We're talking gear - hard-working, multi-functional stuff. Tops made of microfibers so advanced they wick away sweat faster than a quick left jab. Pants that can go from tai chi to paint-ball practice. Tote bags that can morph from workout to dinner party to pooch carrier. Here are some of the eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic or just generally cool items expected to be flying off the shelves this year.


More UMagazine - December, 2007
Featured in Holiday Gift Guide
Yoga Journal Magazine - December, 2007
BuddhiWear featured in the "25 Days of Giveaways" December, Yoga Journal issue.
Fitness Rx Magazine - December, 2007

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - November 28, 2007

Infant-Wise Designers Have Taken 'Drab' Out Of Babywear, Goods

And baby makes ... a new addition to the Christmas list.

In the rush of Christmas-gift commercials, print advertisements and magazine guides, new babies are often overlooked — especially those who are due to make their arrivals in the world around the same time Santa Claus is scheduled to make his rounds. And when buying gifts for new babies, how many of us gravitate toward the plain blue or pink sleepers? What about gifts for the expectant mother? Fortunately, there now exists a plethora of off-thebeaten-path product and apparel lines for the newest members of the family. Many of these products were the brainchildren of new parents who fulfilled their own wishes and needs with creations now offered to a growing niche market.



Carroll County Times - October 2, 2007

Successful stretch, frustrated by the high cost of exercise clothing for yoga, entrepreneur elects to create her own line of environmentally friendly athletic gear

COLUMBIA - Kelly Neylan had been used to a go, go, go lifestyle.

For years, Neylan was a stockbroker with T. Rowe Price, working with online trading systems and Internet technology departments. Her MBA in marketing and investment banking was being put to good use.

She then married and started a family and found the transition to being a stay-at-home mom difficult. In 2002, she began teaching yoga and was hooked on the stress-reducing activity.

But in January this year, Neylan broke her ankle in two places - she's quick to say it wasn't because of yoga - and soon found herself spending days laid up in her living room. Her reading material was often organic clothing catalogs and yoga magazines.

"I was seeing $60 yoga T-shirts and just thought about how so many people who teach and do yoga can't afford this clothing," Neylan said. "I thought, 'I can do better than this.'"


> Review - September, 2007
And why stop at food? These days, everything is going green, including clothes! A great line of organic apparel is the BuddhiWear line. More
Amaze Magazine - September, 2007
BuddhiWear, Organic Apparel For the Family With a Yoga Flair, 9/01/2007
BuddhiWear, a Columbia-based apparel company, launched its first line of innovative organic yoga-inspired apparel for women, children, and infants.
This new garment line includes T-shirts, thermal shirts, and tank tops for women and children, as well as an infant line featuring bibs, hats, onesies, tank tops, thermal tops, and T-shirts. The garments are adorned with images and phrases including "Yoga Divas Do It On The Mat," "Yoga Baby," "Powered By OM," "Let Them Hear You Roar," "Spread Your Wings", "Yoga Moms Rock", and "Tree Hugger", just to name a few. Fifteen designs are currently available.
Mystic Pop Magazine - September/October, 2007
Buddhi Wear has wonderful syles for babies, toddles to adults. The company took its name from the word “buddhi”, meaning “she who is conscious, AWAKE.”
These clothes remind our kids of the “love” in life every time they wear them. My granddaughter wants to wear her butterfly every day.

* Super soft organic cotton, soft as silk graphics
* Fun and funky designs
* Each organic shirt saves 1/3lb of chemicals from being used
* Made in the U.S.A.
* Looks great on you and good for the planet!
Sun-Sentinal Shop-O-Matic Blog - September 4, 2007
Try this Om for style
Love this yoga tank, from the new company BuddhiWear Organics.